Davidson Richards enhances cloud-based retail management solution to allow continuous trading when Internet goes down

25th March 2013 - Davidson Richards enhances cloud-based retail management solution to allow continuous trading when Internet goes down

  • No hassle, financial or reputational damage is caused when Internet fails due to ability to continue trading by storing data locally
  • No need to rely on staff taking action - solution intuitively switches to offline mode if connectivity is lost and automatically sends locally stored data to central database once re-established

Davidson Richards, retail software specialists, have announced a new capability for OpSuite, the ground-breaking cloud-based retail management solution. EPOS registers are now able to function offline, store data locally, and then synchronise back to the cloud once an Internet connection is re-established. The capability means retailers can enjoy the excellent cost and management benefits of a cloud-based solution without damage to finances or reputation should the Internet go down, due to inability to continue trading.

The cloud-based nature of OpSuite allows retailers with 1 to 100+ outlets a cost-effective means to manage all operations from warehouse to in-store and mobile sales to Amazon with precision, in real-time. With cloud-based solutions, data is streamed through the Internet, meaning retailers can suffer from complications of lost sales and dissatisfied customers should the Internet fail. OpSuite intuitively recognises when connectivity is lost and automatically switches to offline mode - there is no need to rely on staff having to take manual action. Trading can continue as usual and data is stored locally until connectivity is re-established, at which point it is automatically transmitted to the OpSuite database. 

"The cloud relies on the Internet. So a burning concern of our clients was what happens if the Internet goes down?" comments Richard Goodley, CEO, Davidson Richards. "This is a problem that is reducing year on year as connections become faster and more reliable, however, it's always sensible to be covered. Retail is about taking the sale at the POS and no system should ever be designed without this being the priority. We're delighted to be able to offer a cloud-based solution that allows retailers to manage all their operations efficiently, effectively and at low-cost and with the capability to continue trading even when the Internet is unavailable. Once a big issue, loss of connectivity will now cause no hassle and no financial or reputational damage at all."