Davidson Richards for Retail Management EPoS

Why choose Davidson Richards for retail management EPoS?

Our culture is based around the "old fashioned" values of honesty, reliability, value for money & competence. At the same time, we have a keen eye to the future through our cloud based solution, OpSuite.


Centered around our four Directors, our 30+ strong team includes ex-garden centre retailers to ensure our solutions, advice & support are real-world.


70% of our team is directly involved in delivering technical support and expertise to our customers; ensuring greater value for every pound spent with us.

Davidson Richards - our approach

Our approach as a company is based upon treating our customers and prospective customers as we would wish to be treated ourselves in business.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all so we have developed our solution to be totally flexible to fit the customers retail needs.

Our solution is proven, with all the functionality and features of an enterprise level solution, but at a much lower total cost of ownership through our low monthly subscriptions.

Davidson Richards - implementation & support

We understand the importance and value of first class system implementation working hand in hand with ongoing support.

We have ex-retailers as part of our dedicated in-house team for consultancy, implementation, support or development.

This ensures we can offer real-world advice at every stage of the initial project and for ongoing support day in day out.

Retail Management EPoS for Garden Centres

The retail management EPoS specialist for garden centres 

We have a proven track record as garden centre specialists for retail management & EPoS solutions. We already help 60 garden centre organisations, based throughout the UK & Ireland and these include single sites with 2-40+ tills through to though with multiple stores and headquarters.

Manage your products, stock levels, pricing, customers and suppliers in one central place. Powerful real-time reports and alerts at your fingertips ensures timely and confident decision making company-wide. Thanks to cloud delivery for the back office/headquarters, OpSuite is available for a low monthly subscription.

Our team includes ex-garden centre retailers to ensure our advice and support is real-world.

The benefits of a retail management EPoS solution for garden centres

Find out how we've already helped our 60 garden centre customers improve profitability through increasing sales, building customer loyalty, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

All the EPoS features, flexibility & resilience you expect with no compromises

Lower your total cost of ownership through OpSuite our cloud based back office/HQ & low monthly subscriptions.

Integrate your web store, finance & warehousing and more to reduce the need to rip out & replace.

Integrated EPoS & connected retailing for garden centres

With the retail management solution at its core, OpSuite allows you to integrate your web store, finance, warehousing & more, safeguarding the investments you've already made and reducing the need to rip out and replace.

All of our business applications are connected.  We call it retail fusion and ultimately it ensures your customers receive a connected experience however they interact with you: in-store, mobile devices, at your web store, telephone and more.

Great service for your customers and streamlined administration and stock management for you.

OpSuite - Cloud Based Retail Management EPoS

OpSuite - for your omnichannel retail journey

OpSuite is our powerful retail management solution, helping you to manage products, stock levels, pricing, customers and suppliers in one central place. Thanks to its cloud delivery, it's extremely scalable and very affordable.

With the addition of the OpServices layer, we help retailers make their journey into the cloud. Using OpSuite and OpServices retailers can now offer their customers a seamless omnichannel experience, across all your touch points.

OpServices  - connecting all your other business applications

We designed OpSuite to be totally open, flexible & easy to integrate with, ensuring your customers receive a connected retail experience. This is achieved through OpSuite's unique layer called OpServices.

For retailers, key information and business rules are shared to bring uniformity across all the different applications, reducing the need to rip out and replace.

For customers, a connected and seamless experience however they interact with you, through touch points such as their phone, in-store, web store & telesales.

OpSuite architecture

Most retailers need a core retail management solution to manage items, stock control, purchasing, pricing, suppliers and customers. The ability to integrate all your other business applications makes practical and business sense too, whether that's finance, web store or warehousing for example.

OpSuite meets these needs, taking full advantage of cloud technology and developments in smart devices.

Our design goals for OpSuite have been achieved: all the functionality, flexibility, scalability and connectivity retailers expect with no compromises.

OpServices architecture

Designed to be 100% optimised for the web, to provide:

Accessibility: Retail management anywhere, 24/7
Connectivity:  Integrate retailers' other applications
Flexibility: Open & easy to develop, test & upgrade
Customisable: Modular & easy to tailor to the retailers'  needs